How Many Times Can I See Jekyll and Hyde?

I know that Jekyll & Hyde is not the greatest musical ever made, but for some reason I can't help myself -- I've seen it a bunch of times and on Saturday I took my wife to see the latest version. The new lead, Constantine Maroulis, is not the best nor the worst that I've seen as the tragic split personality hero/villain -- I've seen Jack Wagner, Sebastian Bach, and David Hasselhoff in the role (I'll let you guess how they all ranked in my opinion.) The show has been called campy and over-the-top, but it still has one of my favorite musical scores. An adaptation of the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, obviously won't turn into a feel-good theatrical experience, but it has proven to have longevity, sparking a cult following, and I suppose I'm part of that cult.

This latest revamped version has a lot going for it, including the excellent female leads, Deborah Cox as Lucy and Teal Wicks as Emma, two of the finest voices I've ever heard, making their duet "In His Eyes" worth the price of admission. The supporting cast is solid, with exceptional performances especially from the Board of Governors, each of whom has moments to shine and notable death scenes. The set design and the direction in many ways surpasses the previous versions I've seen. The orchestral changes are hit and miss -- "Bring on the Men" works better than "Good and Evil," but I still don't know if "Streak of Madness" is better than "Obsession." The big songs from the original are still there and as great as ever, "Facade," "Take Me As I Am," "This Is the Moment," "Sympathy, Tenderness," "Once Upon a Dream," and of course "In His Eyes."

There are plans to turn the show into a motion picture. Despite my better judgement, I probably will go see that too. 

This current version has a limited engagement at the Marquis Theater on Broadway. Catch it if you can, maybe you'll become a Jekkie too.