Remembering Jonathan Winters

Another great talent has passed away -- actor Jonathan Winters is dead at the aged of 87.

Many in my generation were first introduced to him when he popped out of a giant egg as the backward aging son of Mork and Mindy on that hit comedy show that starred Pam Dawber and Robin Williams, who idolized Winters. Even thought his casting on the show was a "jump the shark" moment, he was still brilliant in it.  His zany antics and amazing improvisational skills were one of a kind.

He was one of the fantastic comics in the all-star classic movie It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.  I also have to hunt down The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming, which a few of my friends have highly recommended. 

From appearances on variety shows and game shows to voiceover work on The Smurfs (both the cartoon and the recent movie) and a delightful cameo as Humpty Dumpty in the 1985 TV movie version of Alice in Wonderful, he always managed to make audiences smile with his energy and endearing personality.  He was a great actor, with excellent timing and great command of his facial expressions, able to do wonders with his eyes and a mischievous eyes.

May he rest in peace.