Thank You

What a wonderful weekend it's been! I have so much for which to be grateful.

Thank you to my old friends from Fordham Prep, it was amazing seeing you all at our 25th reunion!

Thank you to my fellow Mimes and Mummers alumni, I'm sorry I couldn't attend the 157th Gala, but I was definitely there in spirit! I'm looking forward to seeing the DVD.

Thanks to my parents for arranging a terrific party and bringing our Albanian family together to celebrate my son's baptism.

Thank you to my wife for always being there, especially during this busy but awesome few days.

And thank you to all my readers. On Friday, my blog City of Kik reached half a million hits! Not counting my Open Salon simulcast or my Kindle subscriptions, over 500,000 hits have been recorded on my Blogspot pop culture journal. I really appreciate it!

Looking forward to more great things coming up!