The Star Wars We Never Saw

For two decades, Dark Horse Comics has been publishing new adventures set in the Star Wars universe. Very soon, it might lose its license as Disney, the new owner of the coveted George Lucas franchise, plans new cinematic chapters and shifts any comic book adaptations to its other major property Marvel. As one last hurrah, Dark Horse is bringing The Star Wars: Adventures of the Starkiller, based on the early drafts of the franchise, to its comics pages.

George Lucas changed his story until it finally materialized on the big screen, but those preliminary rough scripts were immortalized by the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie, forever seeming like an alternate universe of the characters and scenes we eventually came to know and cherish. For fans wondering what the original idea might have been, the script can be found in various places, but now the Dark Horse comic will help us better visualize those early renditions. There are many familiar elements to the story, moments that survived the later revisions and become ingrained in the saga, but there are also some differences -- Han Solo is a "big, green lizard" and the plot revolves around the quest to use the Kaiburr Crystal to defeat the evil Empire, just to name two.

The comic will look and feel a lot like the John Carter and Flash Gordon adventures that inspired George Lucas in the first place. It will be curious to see how those early ideas play out, even if only on the printed page (or the digital screen if you choose to read your comics online.) May "the Force of Others" be with you.