Wrestling Blogs

This weekend, the Super Bowl of professional wrestling will take place at MetLife Stadium -- Wrestlemania 29! I remember the very first Wrestlemania when Hulk Hogan teamed up with Mr. T to battle "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff. It was Rock n' Wrestling! Those were the good ol' days. Back then, for a kid like me, it was like watching real life superheroes battling supervillains.  I don't watch pro wrestling much any more, I can barely identify many of the top wrestlers, but it's still a huge entertainment attraction for many fans. To commemorate Wrestlemania, here's a look at some of the wrestling blogs that are out there.

And Justice for Brawl - Die Hard Pro Wrestling presents an uncensored forum -- "no limits and no holds barred."

Bleacher Report's Pro Wrestling - This is an excellent site, and the wrestling section is top notch in all aspects.

Blog Talk Radio's Pro Wrestling Flashback and Over the Top Radio - If you like listening to podcasts, here's a good one that reviews different years in pro wrestling history every week, and on Fridays offers talk about the industry and interviews with some of the stars.

Blog Talk Radio's Pro Wrestling Torch Live - Here's another wrestling podcast, this one featuring live calls from around the world, hosted by Wade Keller, publisher of the long-lasting Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter.

Cage Side Seats - Fans of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts can enjoy this online magazine created by a talented and passionate team.

The Camel Clutch Blog - Editor-in-Chief Eric Gargiulo offers one of the best wrestling discussion sites out there.

Daily DDT - The updates might not be every day as promised, but the quality is terrific, so the stories are worth the wait.

ProWrestling.com's Blogs - A variety of different posts are compiled on this popular site.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Blog - Here's the Web log of one of the top magazine's about the sport.

Pro Wrestling Ringside - Fans share analysis, opinions, and commentary on the sport they love.

Ring Posts - The Baltimore Sun brings us an excellent journal on wrestling, written by Arda Ocal.

Ring Time Pro Wrestling - If you like the blog, check out the podcast too.

Sheik's Pro Wrestling Blog - This Facebook page is a nice expression of adoration for professional wrestling.

The Steel Cage - Presented by Newsday, Alfonso Castillo and Josh Stewart offer news and insight on wrestling entertainment.

Top Turnbuckle Dropkick - This Tumblr blog has a great title and good content.

Under the Ring - Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal looks at pro wrestling.

The Wrestling Blog at Walls of Jerichoholic - I like the motto, "Making pro graps fun since 2009."

WrestlingBlogs.org - "Powered by Blog Nation," this is a good compilation of various posts around the blogosphere about the topic.

Wrestling News World's Blog Spot - You can read this stuff for free, but the cool "Richard's Backstage Blog" requires a premium subscription.

Wrestling with Text - Check out this fun little blog.

If you know of any more, especially if you have a particular favorite, please let me know.