Dinosaurs Among Us

The Bronx Zoo was packed with people on Memorial Day. I went with my family and, believe it or not, at one point there was a two-to-three hour wait to ride the new "Dinosaur Safari." Despite the crowds, it was a wonderful experience as always. 

People love dinosaurs, so it's no surprise that this new attraction is drawing the masses so quickly. Rest assured, there will be plenty of time for everyone to take a look at the life-size animatronic replicas of the extinct terrible lizards. "Dinosaur Safari" runs through September 8, 2013, and is part of the "Total Experience" admission ticket.

As cool as dinosaurs are, remember that the living creatures residing at the zoo -- the gorillas, elephants, snow leopards, panthers, bats, snakes, tigers, bears, etc. -- are always exciting to watch and remind us that the Wildlife Conservation Society strives to ensure that these animals and their habitats survive and never go the way of the dinosaurs into extinction.