Even More of the Best Pop Culture Blogs

Due to the popular reaction to Part 1 and Part 2, here is the third part of my series listing some of my favorite Pop Culture Blogs.

Angry Zen Master - If you like your reviews of movies, television, and comics with a bit of an edge, then this site's credo of "enlightment through focused rage" is for you.

Awkward Geeks - Lynn and Ken present a well-written examination of all the nerdy lifestyle, culture, and entertainment news that we love so much.

Bleeding Cool - This is loaded with news and rumors about comics, TV, and film. As it says in its "disclaimer," it's neither fair nor balanced, but quite fun.

CNN's Marquee - Here is the online home of the Cable News Network's celebrity headlines.

Comics in Crisis - I wish they'd post more frequently, but what we get is always enjoyable.

Fandango's Freshly Popped - The movie ticketing site chronicles news about the film business.

Fire Wire - Edited by Larry Fire, this blog is a must-read for anyone passionate about the topics of movies, television, comic books, and pop culture miscellanea.

Forces of Geek - How can anyone resist a blog whose motto is "Pop Culture is our b!tch!"

Girl Gone Geek - Jamila brings us excellent coverage of everything worth know in genre entertainment.

He Geek She Geek - Here we get the news from both a male and female perspective. There's not much difference between the two when they're equally awesome.

The Movie Blog - Don't let the simple name fool you, there is plenty of original, engaging news, reviews, interviews and more on display here.

MSN's The Hit List - If you're a film buff like I am, you'll definitely enjoy the info provided by this movie journal of insider news coverage.

MSN's TV Buzz - Likewise, for television news, this one is a good destination.

MTV Movies Blog - The one-time music channel focuses on motion pictures in this online journal.

The Nerd Blog - The word "nerd" is now a term of endearment, and this site makes us appreciate why.

NPR's Monkee See - National Public Radio's Web site offers us a truly wonderful log of popular culture news and analysis.

Topless Robot - This has been one of my favorite blog sites for a while.  Check it out.

Tubular - The Houston Chronicle's TV blog has some good stuff to while away the time.

TV Addict - If you're hooked on television, you're not the only one.  Read and enjoy!

Yahoo! MovieTalk - If you don't frequent this blog on a regular basis, you definitely should for all the coverage of film entertainment.

Yahoo! Reality Rocks - And here's the coverage of all those music competition shows on television.

Zap2It's From Inside the Box - Finally, here some more good reporting on TV news and buzz.

That should give you some good reading over the holiday weekend! If there are other entertainment blogs you enjoy that I haven't mentioned, please let me know and I might include them in a possible Part 4.