My Kik Came First

I'm proud of the success of my City of Kik blog. You might be hearing of another "kik" out there, a smartphone instant messenger that I confess is pretty cool. I just wish they'd picked a different name.  Their motto is "50 million users love Kik." If any of them accidentally stumble upon my little pop culture blog, I hope they stick around. I've done my best to establish City of Kik as a brand to encompass my passion for the world of entertainment and media. Here's a summary of how I came up with the name. Many have asked, so here's the story.

In the 1980s I started using Nile Kikstad as a pseudonym for some of my juvenile writing.  Nile was a play on both "juvenile" and my own name Nick Leshi.  I also used to be an avid bike rider, so I took the word "kickstand" and just dropped a couple of letters in order to create a new word.  In the 1990s, Kikstad became my screenname online, my doppelganger in cyberspace. If you search old Usenet forums, old message boards, old entertainment related Web sites, you'll still find shadows of my presence there in tens of thousands of interesting discussions about movies, television, science fiction, show business, and media.

One day, a girl I knew from South Africa said, "Kikstad. City of Kik. Cool." I thought it sounded pretty cool too. Apparently there's a town in South Africa called Kokstad, and even though I hadn't heard of it back then, I decided to embrace the pun and used "City of Kik" as the defacto brand for my creative endeavors.

In 1999, I named my entertainment newsgroup City of Kik.  I bought the domain name and started a short-lived Web site with a friend of mine.  When I started creating content for film and theater, I used the working name City of Kik Entertainment for my ambitious enterprises. Finally, when I started my blog in earnest in 2009, I felt as if "City of Kik" was the obvious name.

I never professed to be the only Kik in the world. There's a KIK FM dance music radio station in Australia. There's a KiK textile discounter in Germany. There's even a village in Croatia called Kik.

I hope the Kik Messenger achieves great success and that more accolades shine upon the name of Kik! Long may it live.