The Return of Doc Savage

Superman fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the debut of his new movie this summer, but there's another film in the works about a hero who was created first. Before the Man of Steel, there existed the Man of Bronze!  Director Shane Black, coming off the heels of Iron Man 3, will direct the new Doc Savage motion picture

Savage first appeared in 1933, while the Last Son of Krypton debuted in 1938. Doc Savage had super-strength and super-intellect, talents he used in his pulp fiction adventures to combat evil-doers. Like Mr. Kent from Smallville, Mr. Savage's first name was "Clark."

A movie version was already made in 1975 starring Ron Ely, and there was hope that it would launch a franchise, but a sequel was never made.  Although the character has had success in print and on radio, turning his action adventures into screen adaptations has been a crapshoot as failed attempts became the norm. Chuck Connors was supposed to star in a late 1960s film version, but that never happened. A television series was also in the works, but it never materialized.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to be in a new version for a while before he decided to run for governor of California and the project died. 

Now it looks as if we might finally see another big-screen adaptation. Allegedly, it will be set in the 1930s, so will the character resemble the torn-shirted look of Doc Savage from his pulpy roots or will he have the severe-helmet-like widow's peak hairstyle from the cover illustrations of the Bantam reprints? 

Whatever the case, I hope the story stands up to the legacy and enables Savage to inspire a whole new legion of fans.