The Sports of Kings (and Gangsters)

As I write this, I just finished watching the Yankees win a great game and I'm preparing to watch the Kentucky Derby on TV. Then later tonight I'll be with the "boyz" watching Floyd Mayweather Jr. duke it out with Robert Guerrero for the welterweight championship.

When I was reading Pinstripe Empire, I found it fascinating when Marty Appel mentioned that before baseball, football, and other professional sports captured the imagination of the populace, the most popular sports in the world were boxing and horse racing (still nicknamed the sport of kings).

Controversies have shadowed those old sports (gambling, shady promotions, substance abuse, etc.), but they still have tradition on their side and a loyal following of diehard fans.  

Allow me to mix my catchphrases:  Pass the mint juleps and let's get ready to rumble!