When Broadway Shows Close Early

The final curtain has arrived (or will arrive shortly) for some Broadway shows.  Typically, right after the Tony Award nominations are announced, a bunch of productions announce that their runs will end. Theater is a tough business, and producers have a difficult decision to make whether to keep going or call it quits. If you were hoping to see some shows but haven't had the chance yet, you may be out of luck as time has finally run out, in many cases sooner than expected.

I was lucky to see Jekyll and Hyde -- it will be shut down after May 12. It was only a limited engagement and was scheduled to end anyway on June 30, so it's a shame to see it close prematurely.

My sister had wanted to see Breakfast at Tiffany's, but it came to an end on April 21

I had wanted to see The Testament of Mary, but, despite some Tony noms,  it concluded its run this weekend on May 5

While some hits run for years, many theater shows come and go in the wink of an eye, so if you really want to see a production, buy tickets early, maybe even to previews, because there is never any guarantee how long the performances will last before the lights go out for good.