Telling Stories on Stage Through Song

All actors and performers go through those phases when they realize that they probably can no longer play that favorite role they've always dreamed of doing. Maybe they're too old now, maybe they're not in the appropriate shape.  There are even parts that we would love to do, because we love the character so much, but we're completely wrong for it and know that we would never be cast. Darknight Productions has a series called What I Always Wanted to Do: The Musical that allows aspiring thespians and crooners to take the stage in front of a live audience and make those dreams come true, letting them sing their favorite song from beloved plays even if it was originally written for someone of the opposite sex or a different age-range or a different body-type. Too short? It doesn't matter, because for a few minutes, that number is all yours. The latest production of WIAWTD:TM was subtitled "The Darknight Story" and the selections performed all told a story through their lyrics. 

Theater has the power to transport the audience to many places, but musical theater especially can touch souls and ellicit emotions through melody and harmony. Throw in some good acting and choreography, you're almost guaranteed a fun time.

With excellent song choices from West Side Story, Songs from a New World, City of Angels, Sweeney Todd, Wicked, The Sound of Music, A Star Is Born, Gypsy, The Rocky Horror Show, Pippin, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Company, Les Miserables, Glee, Smash, An American Tail, Miss Saigon, and Guys and Dolls, it was an eclectic mix full of delights and surprises that made the two hour production breeze by all too quickly.

As always, the performers deserve a hearty round of applause not just for their obvious talents, but also for their bravery in attempting to do these songs against type and then totally nailing it, so cheers to them all: George Domenick, Sydia Cedano, Traci Timmons, Danielle Nichole Tyler, Josh Miller, John Rodriguez, Heather Steinberg, Traci Timmons, Nic Anthony Calabro, Kevin Clancy, Alaina Lauren, Arthur J. Stubbs II, Luisa A. Fuentes, Mariajesus Valdez, Carson Jones, Jeanine Marie Conrad, Jenifer King, and Caitlin Wickner.

Darknight Productions contributes their talents to worthy causes. Past benefit performances have raised money for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Bronx Oncology Living Daily Program.

As they put it, "No one is too old, too fat, too anything to sing 'what they always wanted to do.'"

Do your best to catch their stories they next time they put on a show. It will surely inspire you.