Thoughts on the 101 Best Written TV Shows List

I applaud any recognition of good writing.  Too often in entertainment, writers don't receive the attention and rewards that they deserve. The spotlight is on the actors, the directors, or the producers, but the scribes are sometimes forgotten, even though it is their words that make it all possible. The Writers Guild of America has released its list of 101 Best Written Television Shows of All Time, and everyone who enjoys pop culture should take a look at it.

There are plenty of excellent examples of extraordinary storytelling on that list. My favorites include NYPD Blue, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, The Sopranos, All in the Family, The Honeymooners, The Simpsons, I Love Lucy, Taxi, and Lost.

Shows that should be higher on the list, in my always humble opinion, are The Carol Burnett Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wonder Years, Everybody Loves Raymond, South Park, My So-Called Life, Barney Miller, I Claudius, and The Odd Couple.

I can't select any of the shows that are listed that I think don't deserve to be there -- they're all good choices.

In her blog Moon in Gemini, my friend Debbie mentioned a few well-written programs that should have also had a place on any "Best" list, and I agree with her choices. I also would add Babylon 5, The Outer Limits, and the recent rendition of Doctor Who to the list.

The WGA has other fun and enlightening lists, including the 101 Greatest Screenplays. Check it out!