Last Chance to See Stop Kiss

If you're reading this on Sunday, July 21, 2013, stop what you're doing and go catch the final two performances of Stop Kiss, produced by Center Stage Playhouse. It's at their new home in the Bronx, a wonderfully intimate stage at the easy-to-reach First Lutheran Church of Throggs Neck.  There's a show at 3 p.m. and an added performance at 8 p.m. No excuses! Go see this great drama written by Diana Son.

For those of you familiar with the script, director Jenifer King has made some interesting and effective choices. She is aided by a wonderful cast that makes all the characters come alive -- Allyson Boate as Callie, Elizabeth Claflin as Sara, Sarah Giller as Mrs. Winsley, Krista Jasper as the Nurse, Joe Lureiro as George, Alicia Newkirk as Detective Cole, and David Ryan as Peter. I especially hope that those of you who have never had the chance to be exposed to this story will take a chance and experience it.  As the director writes in the program notes: "This is not necessarily a play about lesbians, gay bashing, or women vs. men. This play is about love and strength and hate and fear, which affect every one of us every day."

Kudos as well to the production crew who did a stellar job mounting this play during one of the longest New York heatwaves in recent memory -- producer Elliott Robinson, stage manager Jesse Penbro, lighting designer Eric Behnke, props master Howard Brundage, sound designer Anthony DiMasso, costume designer Jessa-Raye Court, scenic designer Jenn Tash, master electrician Matt Cleary, master carpenter David Ryan, and assistant stage manager/dresser Kyla Graham.

I hope you all have the chance to support Center Stage and spread the word to others. For more information about this and upcoming productions, please visit