Nostalgia for the Classic Batman TV Show

The 1960s Batman television series remains one of my favorites of all time. The battle over the rights has kept it from being available on DVD or Blu-Ray, but that has not diminished the love for the show as nostalgia for it continues to grow. DC Entertainment is launching a new comic book called Batman 66 based on the colorfully campy TV classic. The New York Post's Dan Greenfield, a contributor to the excellent blog Parallel Worlds, featured some exclusive panels from the comic, which will be released digitally on Wednesday and then in print a few weeks later. The characters of Batman, Robin, the Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, and the rest resemble the appearance of the actors who immortalized them on the tube -- Adam West, Burt Ward, Caesar Romero, Julie Newmar, and Frank Gorshin.

The comic, created by writer Jeff Parker and artist Jonathan Case, with cover art by Mike Allred, captures the zany, entertaining tone of the original series, which brought delightful humor and subtext to adult audiences as well as dramatic seriousness to the children who watched with bated breath. The comic book medium can also take advantage of the limitless imaginations of the storytellers, advancing the action-packed adventures to new heights.

Apparently, this will be just one of a string of merchandising and marketing opportunities that will bring the 1960s TV show back into the public spotlight. To the Batcave!