Praise for the Morning Glories Comic Book

Since San Diego Comic-Con 2013 is in full swing and all the movies, television series, and video games are getting the attention as usual, I thought it only fair to highlight an actual comic book. One of my current favorites is Morning Glories, written by Nick Spencer. He describes it as "Runaways meets Lost." Those are two storylines I love -- the Runaways comic about teenagers who discover that their parents are supervillains and of course the Lost TV series, one of my favorites of all time with its complex, nonlinear plot and mysteries buried within mysteries. How, then, could I resist sampling Morning Glories?

The art alone was enough to hook me. It's illustrated by Joe Eisma and the magnificent covers are by Rodin Esquejo. Character expressions are detailed and add so much to the already compelling words on the page, and the action (and there's plenty of it) is fluid and eye-catching.

Set in a mysterious boarding school where danger lurks behind every corner, six teenagers try to figure out what's happening and more improtantly survive to see another day.  Each one has a complicated backstory that's revealed as the plot progresses issue after issue -- Casey, Zoe, Hunter, Ike, Jun/Hisao, and Jade. They help each other, they clash with each other, they betray each other. My mind was swirling with each new twist and development. Answers are provided as more questions pile up so there is gratification for the reader rather than just frustration, making it fun to go back and re-read what transpired as new information is added. It's obvious that Spencer knows exactly where he's taking his tale.

The supporting characters are likewise intriguing as we try to figure out the motivations of the apparent bad guys (Miss Daramount, Mister Gribbs, Nine, and the Headmaster) and try to determine on which side some of them, such as Miss Hodge, fall.

The issues are collected in a series of graphic novel collections and are perfect for those of you looking for a comic book adventure that's more than just superheroes beating up supervillains -- but there's plenty of good vs. evil, supernatural fisticuffs if you enjoy that sort of thing too, as do I.