The Flash Returning to TV

The CW is temporarily shelving its Amazon idea, which was the latest attempt to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen. Instead, "the little network that could" is running full speed ahead with an effort to adapt another superhero from the pages of DC Comics to life -- The Flash. They will introduce the fastest man alive in a three-episode story arc of their hit series, Arrow, and then spin him off into his own show. For those of you wondering which version of the hero it will be, it appears as if they'll be going with Barry Allen.

DC Entertainment is desperately trying to fast-start its lineup of heroes, laying the groundwork for an epic Justice League movie that's long been rumored. This isn't the first time we've seen the Flash on television.  In 1990, John Wesley Shipp starred in a short-lived series that tried too hard to make the speedster more like Tim Burton's Batman. His sponge-like, bulked up costume made him look more like the Hulk in a red jumpersuit than the super-sprinter fans knew and loved.

Let's forget about the low-budget rendition of the Flash that appeared in campy Legends of the Superheroes. Meanwhile, the super-speed Kid Flash that appeared in Smallville was more based on Impulse than the adult Flash.

The character has had his most popular success in animated form in the various Justice League cartoons. The Flashpoint Paradox, released today, is already generating terrific reviews.

Let's hope that the CW captures lightning in a bottle with its take on the Flash, laying the groundwork for an eventual big-screen transition.