Tyche and My Lost Planet Story Idea

Since I was a kid, I've been tinkering with a science fiction story about the discovery of a lost planet. I always thought that the idea of a hidden planet within our own solar system was a bit far-fetched but it intrigued me, so later rewrites placed it in a mirror dimension, but now news of an unknown gas giant possibly existing in our Oort cloud makes my original concept probably not so completely loopy after all.

Granted, scientists still haven't confirmed the existence of the hypothetical planet, tentatively named Tyche. Its existence might explain Pluto's lopsided orbit around our sun, but there still needs to be some evidence of gravitational impact on the Oort asteroids. Some hypothecize that it might be a dwarf star rather than a planet, possibly captured into our solar system from elsewhere.

For my screenplay, the planet would need to exist in the so-called Goldilocks Zone to support life. My initial juvenile attempt to explain its hidden nature was to say it was on Earth's exact orbit, but on the other side of the sun.  As I grew older and wiser, such a scenario proved to be ridiculous, (even though, as I later learned, a few other speculative fiction writers came up with similar conjectures). I've been fascinated with the idea of alternate realities, so my modification to the tale, including an interdimensional doorway (borrowed from another sci-fi tale I dreamed up as a child called The World of Death) seemed to be a good technobabble fix -- like faster-than-light travel, it seemed like an easy fix that I didn't have to understand or explain but would still allow me to move my plot along without worrying about holes in logic.

Now that Tyche might be real, it opens up the floodgates to other storytelling possibilities.  If it turns out to be false and Tyche doesn't exist, I'll still hopefully figure out a way to make my Lost Planet story somewhat plausible and finish it someday. It's great to know, though, that truth is still often more fascinating than fiction.


Debbie Vega said…
Have you ever seen an old sci-fi movie called Journey to the Far Side of the Sun? It's about the discovery of a planet opposite Earth. It also deals with alternate reality. It's not a great movie, but you should check it out. I'm pretty sure it's available on DVD, and maybe you can stream it. it stars Roy Thinnes and Herbert Lom.
Cesar said…
This is fantastic!