A Lesson Learned

UPDATE (August 17, 2013) - 1-800-FLOWERS apologized for the screw-up and made things right by sending my wife a complimentary bouquet and a box of chocolates.  Scroll below the original post for a picture.


I interrupt my regularly scheduled pop culture blog to vent a little bit.  1-800-Flowers ruined my day.

I wanted to bring a smile to my wife, so I planned to surprise her with a Make Her Day Bouquet. Even though it was supposed to be delivered the same day, it wasn't.  So 5 o'clock came and I started tracking the order.  The Web site said that the delivery had been attempted, but I hadn't heard from my wife so I had to toss the surprise out the window. My wife was still in the office and I confirmed with her that nobody had called and no special delivery was made.  I frantically tried to reach a customer service rep to find out what happened -- I called and spoke to two people, I also reached out on Facebook and Twitter, I used LiveChat.  Nothing.  After 45 minutes, near an emotional breakdown, I took a deep breath and called my wife. She was okay with it of course, but I felt terrible.  I tried to get a supervisor to call me directly but no luck. 

When my wife and I got home after picking up the kids, the last customer service rep I spoke to online asked for my home address, so I gave it to her and asked again for someone to call me to explain what had happened.  Still no flowers, and instead they basically blamed the customer -- it was too late to re-route the delivery to our home address, and apparently I had an old phone number on file so the florist allegedly couldn't reach me (even though I had been trying to communicate with multiple 1-800-Flower reps for almost an hour trying to reach the florist to find out if the bouquet would arrive in time or not, to no avail.)

Why would I trust same-day delivery from them again, especially if it's on a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary (or even a "just because" day)?  Why accept a discount next day delivery as an "oops, sorry" attempt to make amends when they messed up my initial order?

I was even tempted to write to the founder James McCann, but then I thought, what's the point? 

Here's my lesson learned -- skip the middle man and just go directly to a local florist you trust. Most importantly, there are lot of other ways to make your loved ones smile instead of flowers that just fade away anyway, especially when the delivery of those flowers ends up causing more stress than smiles.
UPDATE continued -- Here's a picture of the flowers 1-800-FLOWERS sent. 

Thanks for following up. I accept your sincere apology and I hope this incident sparks an effort to understand what went wrong and keep it from happening to other customers.