Best Reader Comment of July 2013

July has come and gone -- too quickly for my taste, I wish it had stuck around a bit longer -- but now August is here and, as promised the time has come to acknowledge the best comment I've received this past month from the readers of my blog.

The winner is Margaret Feike with this thoughtful commentary to my post about the movie The Man of Steel.
What a thoroughly enjoyable and detailed review. You've shed light on several things that bothered me about the movie yet I couldn't put my finger on them, and you had me agreeing with you on other things I felt were its strengths. You're so right about that strange dichotomy of Superman representing morality yet doing some of the things he did like stealing the guy's clothes or the fight scenes in the heart of the city. And I also thought it was almost unconscionable that he didn't save his father, and his mother didn't beg him to either. I would have thought that would have haunted him more as he got older, esp. since Pop saved the dog. (As an aside - something bothered me about seeing Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in the roles of Superman's worn-out farm family; I'm not used to seeing them this way - maybe I'm getting old!) He was almost depicted as being Christ-like; starting with when he turned the other cheek in the bar (then destroyed the truck - WWJD?) and in some of the scenes like the one where he rises and hovers above the ground in front of the Army (I think) - and that picture at the top of your post. And maybe it's just a coincidence, but at one point he mentions he's 33 - same age as Christ when he was crucified. But it didn't quite work for reasons you've mentioned. The fighting scenes were far too over the top in my opinion and got tedious quickly. Also -- it was ludicrous to me that with all the body slamming from incredible heights and blasting through skyscrapers, all he had to do was snap the bad guy's neck in the end? It was a much better story than I was expecting, though. And I liked his explanation of the iconic "S". He said it represented hope.
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