Big-Screen Smartphones Are the Latest Trend

My current smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which feels like a mini-tablet computer.  It's big, but not too big compared to the iPad or the Kindle Fire, and it can do just about everything those high-priced tablets can do, all with a great battery life, while still fitting in your pocket. It's no surprise then that the trend of smaller and smaller gadgets seems to be reversing a bit and we're seeing consumers select big-screen smartphones as their mobile device of choice. 

The large screen makes photographs, videos, Web pages, and games look stunning. Using apps and social networking are easy combared to tiny-sized predecessors. On the other hand, making phonecalls, shooting videos, and snapping pics are a lot less cumbersome than on the larger format tablets.  People are even reading more e-books on smartphones. 

Technology, of course, is an ever-changing beast, so who knows what the immediate future will hold, and I'd be nuts to try to prognosticate about the even farther future. In the meantime, though, it looks like those handy hand-held devices are finding just the right size for users' needs and tastes.