Film and TV Productions Are Good for New York

I know plenty of New Yorkers who complain when a film production disrupts our commute, causing more traffic delays in a city already gridlocked more than it needs to be, or when a television shoot blocks a neighborhood street or causes late-night noise and light-glare in a place that already has a reputation for never sleeping. I also know plenty of fellow New Yorkers who are grateful for all the benefits that Hollywood projects bring to our city's economy.

The New York Times had an interesting article about the concern that the next mayor might not be as friendly to the entertainment business as Michael Bloomberg was.  Apparently 130,000 people in New York are employed by film and television companies in the city, but it reaches out far beyond those jobs, as the money flows in countless areas, touching many New Yorkers in beneficial ways.  Losing those productions would hurt us all.

Hopefully all the candidates recognize that the positive benefits of having NYC continue to be "Hollywood on the Hudson" far outweigh any temporary inconveniences. I urge whoever wins the mayoral election to continue to offer incentives to attract major film and TV productions to our great city and to appoint a savvy film commissioner who will spearhead this important component of the city's job market so it can continue to stimulate our economy.