Seeing Alex Winter at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Friday night I returned to the excellent new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to see a special screening of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  As a special treat, actor Alex Winter was there.  He played Bill S. Preston, Esquire, alongside Keanu Reeves' Ted Logan in the comedy classic.  Yes, it's a classic, one of my guilty pleasure favorites as the slackers become legends by travelling through time and kidnapping historic figures to help them with a class project so they can save the future.  Most excellent!  Alex was also there to promote his documentary Downloaded about the story of Napster and how it changed music distribution (Downloaded was shown earlier that evening.)

I knew there was a sequel called Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, but I had forgotten what an impact the original had when it came out. The pre-feature-presentation shorts reminded me of the video game, the cartoon, the stage show, the action figures. Then we saw the film in a theater packed with nostalgic fans and it was just as entertaining as it was yesteryear.

Alex Winter introduced it and answered a few questions from the audience. He even hinted that a script for a third Bill and Ted movie was in development (respectful of the fact that the awesome George Carlin who played Rufus was no longer with us). Special events like this are one of many reasons every film buff should check out Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.  It was a great evening, and I'm looking forward to more.

"Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!"