The Canned Art Film Festival

My alma mater, Fordham University, has a great film felstival weekend coming up, highlighting projects made by some of my fellow alumni. Here's all the info:

Fordham Alumni Company produces        

A Film Festival Weekend screening Features,  Shorts and Web Series

August 8-10 @ The Wild Project in NYC 
Back for its sixth summer, the Fordham Alumni Company will for the first time host a weekend of film screenings created by Fordham Alumni. 
All screenings will be presented at the Wild Project (195 E. 3rd St., NYC). Admission is $5 per film. In addition, audience members can purchase a $12 "RamPass" to see 3 or more films. To purchase tickets in advance visit  Specific screening information is as follows:
Feature Length Films:
Thursday, August 8 @ 7:00 PM
A Swingin' Trio
Homer Garçon is an unpublished science fiction novelist living off the success of his wife, Trude Garçon-Moore, a Hollywood Producer. 'Trapped' in lavish surroundings and with rejection letters piling high, Homer has convinced himself of his wife's infidelity. Follow Homer as he dives into the prickly territories of self-awareness and self pity in his quest to find the truth about his wife - and himself - all at a Valentine's Day dinner decidedly set for three. 
Director/Writer: Kelvin Z. Phillips
Produced by Carla L. Jackson, Kelvin Z. Phillips
Featuring: Johnny Walter, Timeca M. Seretti and LeMarc Johnson
Friday, August 9 @ 7:00 PM
How We Got Away With It
Returning home from jail just before the arrival of his friends for their annual reunion weekend, Henry discovers a shocking tragedy. His rash and unpredictable response sets in motion a chain of events that will forever change the course of everyone's lives, sweeping up the innocent and threatening to destroy them all. Inspired by new-wave crime dramas of the '60s and '70s, this gripping tale of abuse, secrets, denial and revenge also expertly incorporates character-driven humor into a taut and explosive mix. 
Director: Jon Lindstrom
Writers: Jeff Barry, McCaleb Burnett, Jon Lundstrom
Produced by La Vie Productions & Jailbreak Films
Featuring: McCaleb Burnett, Jeff Barry, Cassandra Freeman, Mikal Evans, Jacob H. Knoll, Brianne Moncrief, Luke Robertson, Jon Lindstrom, Samantha Soule, Richard Bekins
Saturday, August 10 @ 7:00 PM
Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for its screenplay and winner of over twenty film festival awards since debuting in competition at last years SXSW Film Festival.
Jenn and Matt are best friends from college who are now in their thirties. Single by choice, Jenn spends her days teaching hot yoga and running errands for her boss. Matt suffers from comic-book writer's block and can't get over his ex-boyfriend. They decide to fulfill a youthful promise to have a child together... the old-fashioned way. Can they navigate the serious and unexpected snags they hit as they attempt to get their careers and dating lives back on track in preparation for parenthood? Gayby is an irreverent comedy about friendship, growing older, sex, loneliness, and the family you choose.
Writer/Director: Jonathan Lisecki
Produced By Amy Hobby, Anne Hubbell
Featuring: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, Mike Doyle, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Jack Ferver, Jonathan Lisecki, Maria McConville, Tommy Heleringer and Victoire Charles. 
Alum in Shorts
 2 series featuring an exciting array of Short Films and Documentaries shot by Fordham Alumni.

Alum in Shorts A
Friday August 9 @ 5:00 PM
Saturday August 10 @ 9:00 PM
Dear Santa
Ann Dunham is an energetic and free-spirited girl who loves hockey, dance class, and video games. When she asks Santa Claus to turn her into a boy for Christmas, her request throws her conservative mother into a tailspin. Dear Santa is a lighthearted look at the complicated, funny, and sometimes dysfunctional ties that bind a family together.
Writer/Director: Maura Smith
Featuring: Kelly Curran, Samantha Eddy, Christian Mello, Sharon Evans, Kerry Riley, Danielle Kellerman, Lila Stanton
Walking Merchandise
Walking Merchandise exposes the tragic story of middle-school-aged, Chinese children trafficked to the United States by smugglers known as "snakeheads." Sent by their parents to work as low-wage laborers as a source of income, the children embark on a perilous journey that can include physical harm, sexual assault, and even death. Once in the U.S., they are trapped in a life of debt-bondage and forced to work around the clock in dangerous conditions with the hope of paying off debts as high as $100,000.
Director: Ethan Downing
Producer: Robert Nguyen
Executive Producer: Michael Nguyen
 Ostrander is the #2 theatre critic at one of the most high-profile newspapers in the country. Misanthropic and remote, he is hated and feared in the theatre community for his scathing critiques. Only when he attends Anne Hathaway's one woman show does he realize his true calling- to quit his job and write a screenplay for the starlet.... Under the guise of 'writing an profile' he manages to snag a meeting with Ms. Hathaway herself.  He sets out to wow the actress with his opus to her.
Director: Tim Chafee
Writer: Ian McWethy
Producer: Sue Kim
Featuring: Josh LaCasse
Alum in Shorts B
Friday August 9 @ 9:00 PM
Saturday August 10 @ 5:00 PM
(stop action exploration) Clown Searching
Abstractly delivered, drawing on a vast net of inspiration,
(stop action exploration) Clown Searching, is a film short attempting to convey the difficult emotions connected to our human emotional journeys.
 Disappointment, desperation intermingled with the search for creative self and identity; is transcendence possible in today's society of excess?
Clown Searching
is the first "chapter" of a three-part sequence currently in production. 
Director/Writer: Todd Giordano
Featuring: Todd Giordano
Divine Rite
Divine Rite is a drama that takes place on a southern college campus. On the night that Kwame decides to lose his virginity he must decide whether to fall prey to pressure from his peers or be true to his own conscience. 
Director/Writer: Shadae Lamar Smith
Producer: Shadae Lamar Smith
Featuring: Andre Myers, Majuan Canady, Jerry Ford, Brandon Gregory
In the small West Texas town of Marfa, the annual shuffleboard competition is a game of friendly rivalry, but for Jacob Guevara, the town's reigning shuffleboard champion, it has come to signify something much deeper and more personal. A rare look into the local Marfa bar scene, the documentary goes inside the competition with Jacob and his friends and family, showing how a game of delicate precision has had an unexpectedly strong impact on their lives.
Director/Writer: Chris Portal, Merri Lisa Triglio & Laura Wagner
Flowers for Norma
A young man strolls the streets of 1963 New York City to meet the love of his life, only to find that love is not all he remembered it to be. This award-winning short film is based on the short story 'The Man Who Loved Flowers' by Stephen King.
Director/Writer: Juan Reinoso
Producers: Travcy Utley, Vinny Petrosini, Juan Reinoso
Featuring: Sam Rosen, Chris Mulkey, Tony Plana, William B. Davis, Katie Honaker
Fordham On the Web
A look at Fordham Alum making waves on the internet.
Thursday, August 8 @ 9:00 PM
Saturday, August 10 @ 2:00 PM
The Trashy Class
If unicorns existed, and then someone killed them ALL, but then two amazing doctors somehow brought them back to life and you were standing right there, like literally a foot away, watching the whole thing.... wait, what was the question?... Oh. We are just two girls who live in LA and like to make sketches.... Sorry, misunderstood the question at first.
Writers: Heidi Niedermeyer, Elena Crevello
Featuring: Heidi Niedermeyer, Elena Crevello
Monica's Mixing Bowl
Let's learn to Make Friends with Food! Monica's Mixing Bowl is a children's webseries that empowers families with knowledge about food, allergies, and dietary restrictions through the help of narrative, puppets, and song. For more info please visit
Writer: Stacey Weingarten
Director: Jesse Averna
Additional Development: Jed Resnick, Donna Drake, Stacey Weingarten
Produced By: Monica Willey; Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC
Featuring: Monica Willey, Jed Resnick, Stacey Weingarten
This Will Not End Well
Josh and Ian have spent their post-college days (and months and years) blissfully holed up rent-free in their mother's house masturbating and watching Steven Seagal movies. But every Eden must fall. Upon learning that their mother has suddenly moved to Florida, the boys grapple with her terrifying ultimatum: get jobs or get out.
Produced By: David Ruttura, Ian McWethy & David Yanni
Company: Good Company
Writer: Ian McWethy
Director: David Ruttura
Featuring: Ian McWethy, Josh LaCasse, Phoebe Strole, Brendan Conheady, Jan Maxwell, Zack Robidas, Elizabeth Hess, Peter Lewis
Unker & Physia
Our stalwart hero, Unker, and plucky heroine, Physia (fish-uh), encounter themselves on various urban adventures. Whether dancing in a parallel music video universe, or enduring a ninja haircut assault, the unlikely pair thrives in a world even weirder than they are. Funny, technicolor, strange, cartoonish, quirky, and completely unpredictable, this web series will be one you remember.
Created By: Jessica Howell & Philip Maniaci
Writers: Jessica Howell & Philip Maniaci
Director: Jessica Howell
Featuring: Jessica Howell, Paul Guyet


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