The Legendary Vin Scully

Broadcaster Vin Scully will return as the voice of the Dodgers for an unprecedented 65th season. The guy with the velvet voice has been announcing games since the Dodgers were in Brooklyn.  Now the team is having a magical year and it's terrific news that the 85-year-old will be back in the broadcast booth.  I'm fond of Scully because he graduated from both my high school, Fordham Prep, and from my college, Fordham University.

There have been some amazing announcers in sports history -- from the brilliant Howard Cosell and Bob Costas to the quirky Harry Caray and Phil Rizzuto. I've enjoyed listening to many of them, such as Bill White, and even John Sterling and Michael Kay (another Fordham alum!) during their glory days.

Scully's secret to success of course is his voice and knowledge of the game, but also his mastery of the art of storytelling.  Let's hope he'll be doing this for years to come.