The Stories of Rick Riordan

The fantasy stories of Rick Riordan may not have the major blockbuster appeal that J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series enjoyed, but they're still making a fortune for the author and captivating the imaginations of young readers. The recent big screen adaptation, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, has alread made $112,181,862 in the domestic and overseas boxoffice. (The first film, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, made $226,497,209 worldwide.) We can expect more versions of Riordan's imaginative tales to be brought to life. Here's a look at his bestselling series:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
A twelve-year-old boy discovers that he's the son of Poseidon.
The Lighning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan's Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian

Heroes of Olympus
Inspired by the legendary saga of Jason and the Argonauts, these novels follow the adventures of seven Roman demigods who live secretly in the modern world.
The Lost Hero
The Son of Neptune
The Mark of Athena
The House of Hades
The Demigod Diaries

The Kane Chronicles
This third series, set in the same universe as the prior two, is based on Egyptian mythology.
The Red Pyramid
The Throne of Fire
The Serpent's Shadow

If you have a young kid in your life who enjoys mythic adventures, these are a good set of books to collect.