The Unofficial End of Summer

Labor Day Weekend is here all too soon, marking the unofficial end of summer, that beloved season of vacations and warm weather that zooms by too quickly. My poll has concluded, in which I asked "What do you enjoy doing most during summer vacation?" Here are the results, in order:

(1) Sleeping Late
(2) Going to the Beach
(3) Something Else
(4-tie) Reading
(4-tie) Having a Staycation
(4-tie) Seeing a Lot of Movies
(5) Travelling Overseas
(6-tie) Travelling Cross-Country
(6-tie) Going to Museums
(6-tie) Camping
(7) Going on a Cruise

My new poll is up on my blog, asking the question: "Which new Fall 2013 TV show are you most excited to see?"

Summer officially ends on September 21, so enjoy these last few weeks while you can, even if you're official vacation is over and you're back to work or school.  Summer will be back again in no time!