Best Reader Comment of August 2013

Wow, another month has come and gone and I'm still playing catch-up. Here's the winner of my monthly competition for the best comment posted on my blog by you the readers.

The victor for August 2013 is MalcolmXY who always offers excellent commentary but outdid himself with his insightful opinionating on my essay "Baseball Will Survive the Scandals." Here's a compilation of what he wrote:

"Steroids SAVED baseball after a labor dispute nearly destroyed it.

As much as fans say that steroids have 'tarnished' records and that the players who use them are cheaters (remember, for the most part, it's pitchers who use them for their regenerative properties, because the human shoulder was not meant to make that motion a hundred and twenty times, every five days), but the fans love long as they don't know that they're steroids.

How much did the people of this country sit on the edge of their seats, at least watching the sports segment of the 11 o'clock news every evening, waiting to find out if it would be Sosa or McGuire (and for a time, Griffey, Jr) who overtook the home run lead, inching ever closer to Maris's record (which was "tarnished" because of the longer season in which he achieved it...and it was a Bob Beaman-like record that lasted FOREVER...much like Bonds's record will)?

The stadiums where those two (sorta three) played were PACKED every night, after starting the season with 5,000 to 13,000 people sparsely populating the bleachers and box seats.

It's not a scandal. It's the reality of what people will do to their bodies when the reward for destroying themselves is $20 million/year.

The fans are responsible for steroids. They all need to quit bitching about it and enjoy the's better than the cybernetic age of baseball will be...and that's coming.

Seriously, what would help a baseball player more - laser eye surgery to improve their vision to 20/10 and beyond, or more muscle mass?

Players who have perfect 20/20 vision are getting laser surgery to improve their sight to superhuman levels. Where is the "cheating" outrage with this?

If it's because steroids are illegal drugs (the same illegal drugs that people with full blown AIDS take to prolong their life...or did when AIDS was a thing), then it's Meth that should be the focus of the fan's ire. It's much more common in baseball than any performance enhancing drug (though, it is also a performance enhancer, so whatever...)

Watching a no hitter is like watching paint dry.

Don't get me wrong, I like to see the occasional unassisted triple play as much as the next guy, but sports are about offense. The only exception to this rule is the ultra-athletic, last second block of an offensive play, a la Griffey, Jr. climbing the wall to deny a home run, or a forceful blocked shot in basketball, or a diving goalie save in soccer or hockey.

Watching a well organized box + 1 defensive scheme which limits the opponent's ability to score is not what sells tickets, which is why the NBA outlawed Zone Defense for so long.

Steroids mean more scoring, and more scoring means more excitement and the potential to make baseball watchable without enough liquid wheat to kill an African Elephant.

Viva steroids!!! Maas steroids!!!

It's not cheating when everyone is doing it.

All Astroturf, aluminum bats and all the steroids you can eat.

That's what would make baseball worth watching.
My point was, it's the steroid era. Steroids aren't cheating. EVERYONE is doing them. It's only cheating if a select few are getting away with it.

Do you know how hard it is to build muscle using steroids?

All steroids do is raise your muscle's endurance level and allow you to work them ever harder and harder.

Doing steroids is hard work. It's not the easy out that so many believe it to be.

Steroids didn't destroy the game. They saved it, and there are a lot more subtle cheating methods out there, like laser eye surgery that give the player a greater advantage than steroids.

Quit bitching and enjoy the ride, is all I'm saying.

Also, I played baseball all my life, and I have amazing power for a man of 5'8" and 150 lbs. (I've hit more home runs in the softball league I used to play in than men twice my size, because I know how to stand, contort and pull-hit down the left field line, though I can hit to all parts of the field with power...I also play 2nd base, right field and pitch, if that tells you anything about how much I need to understand the game).

If I know that an unassisted triple play is the rarest event in all of recorded baseball history (have you ever seen one? It's amazing.), I think I understand the more subtle points of the game.

I think Brian Bozworth is the best example of a player PEDs helped in the extreme short run, and hurt their overall career much more (his shoulder couldn't handle all that extra muscle working against it...).

They'll never have aluminum bats in the majors...people would get killed...pitchers especially. Plus, that wood they get the Louisville Slugger's from is in some congressional district where the whole league would get shut down if they switched.

I just think it would make the game a hell of a lot more exciting...especially for the short stop."

Now THAT's an epic comment!  Bravo!

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