Student Blogs 2013 - Part 1

I'm teaching two classes of "Writing for Online Media" this semester, one in a traditional classroom and one online only.  Here's the list of blogs created by the students in my physical class.

animate this
"animate this" is an entertainment blog that features original reviews and critiques of animated films and television shows.

Beyond the Crown
A look into the world of pageantry from the perspective of a contestant, titleholder, and coach. Learn tips to succeed in all aspects of competition while reading commentary about the latest pageants.

Brotherly Love in the Concrete JungleA look into the life of a Philly girl living in the Bronx while constantly battling the New York fans and lifestyle that comes along with it

Comeback Kid
Best of the Best from the Nineties

Cone and the Creamarian
A blog dedicated to ice cream creation and consumption, featuring recipes, reviews, and tricks learned along the way.

The Disco Kitten
A light-hearted and fresh take on all aspects of New York’s Underground House Music Scene.

Game Changer or "Endanger"
The risk of fame in a Physical Game

Geared and Ready To Go
Thoughts on what will help athletes perform to the best of their abilities.

On The Sidelines
A female fan's guide to food, fun and everything sports!

Patrick's Pigskin Perspective
An NFL fan's take on the latest happenings around the league.

Perspective of a PeaObservations of day-to-day personal and public quirks, triumphs, and oddities by a hot mess college student.
Race Against the Clock
The pleasures and pains of a college student athlete.

The Real Housewives of Terranova
I am here to tell you all the dirty little secrets of the seven housewives of Terranova.

Thoughts from the 'Nose-Bleeds'
An average/cheap fan's perspective and arguments on the hottest sport topics.

My thoughts on the latest trends and other tidbits about my life as an intern at Z100's "Elvis Duran in the Morning Show".

A Tribe Called Tim
Building a tepee of music, movies, sports, and pop culture -- population: one.

True Life: I'm Addicted to DemiAll things Demi Lovato, just not her social security number.

Hope you all have a chance to read them and see how they evolve during the next few months.