Best Reader Comment for September 2013

My monthly competition to select the "Best Blog Comment" has been received well, so I appreciate your approval.  I also applaud all of you who have taken the time to share your thoughts with me.  My choice for the reader who posted the best comment of the month on my City of Kik blog is Bob Skye for his thoughts on my post "And Then There Was One" about Derek Jeter being the last of the New York Yankees core players from the most recent championship dynasty after the retirement of Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte.  Bob wrote:

"Well put, Nick. I echo your sentiments. I was a die-hard Yankee hater in my youth, even though I was born and raised in North Jersey. Ted Williams was my icon, and I was lucky to have seen him play at Yankee Stadium a few times. After Teddy Ballgame retired, I stayed away from baseball altogether (my antics throughout the sixties had a play in that.) It was not until I was driving a cab in Larchmont on a slow, chilly night when suddenly all the other cabbies parked at the station began blowing their horns and whooping it up like mad. For those who had not hear, the dispatcher shouted over air: We won, we won! Chambliss hit a home run! And thus, through all the celebration, was born a Yankee fan!

People complain that the Yankees are only great because of all the money they have. They forget the the Yankees have all that money because they are great. Sort of a Keynesian thing."

Others who posted a comment last month and deserve my heartfelt recognition include:

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Lucy Simpson
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Thanks also to everyone who shared my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and who posted a review of my blog on  I truly appreciate it.