Medical Emergency

Even with a backlog of blog post ideas, I've been forced once a gain to take a short hiatus, this time due to a health scare from my son. He was hospitalized for a little bit, but thank goodness he's home now and seems to be doing fine.  I'm really appreciative of all my friends who sent me their well wishes, and to the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of my boy (and his panicked parents.)

It's no wonder that medical dramas continue to be a popular genre. It's a tried and true format, full of built-in suspense and emotional conflict.  Some of my favorite television shows have been about the first responders who go out and save people, and those medical practitioners who deal with people coming in for help after a health problem or accident.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching the show Emergency!, which followed the adventures of a couple of paramedics and the medical team that treated the people they rescued.

Then there was the short-lived Trauma Center, with co-star Lou Ferrigno.

And who can forget the long-running, award-winning E.R.?

The fictional tales can't compare to the real life heroics that take place every single day in emergency rooms and hospitals throughout the country.