Some Characters in My Head

I have returned!  It's good to be back sharing my words of whimsy with you all. Don't misunderstand -- my workload is still overflowing, but at least it will be a bit more manageable (for a while). I have a lot of writing projects still on the back-burner that I need to tackle.  Characters from some of my story ideas continue to linger in the recesses of my mind, refusing to disappear.  Here are some of those men and women from my imagination that continue to pop up, as if begging me to finish writing their tales so the rest of the world can know them.

Allie and Dory - The two heroines of my short play, "Lost Dreams," are older versions of Dorothy from Oz and Alice from Wonderland.  They enter a mysterious shop searching for a map to a touristy dream-quest. The nameless shopkeeper is another fun character, but my heart belongs to the new iterations of those childhood favorites, all grown up and trying to find themselves.

Chris Augur - In my screenplay, Enter the Dreamers, Chris is an artist in the eyes of many, a cult leader in the eyes of some. He claims to be a pacifist, but is he responsible for the growing violence in the troubled city of New Dorado? Shay Dagger is the antagonist, an allegedly reformed gangster who is now a celebrity entrepreneur trying to rebuild the city in his own image. I keep adding scenes between Chris and Shay, at the expense of Cassie, the angsty musician through whose eyes the story originally unfolded, but Chris seems much more compelling, yet Cassie has issues I can't abandon. Eventually I'll tell the story the right way.

Daniel Redwood - I imagined this one-armed astronaut seeking redemption when I was a mere child, and his futuristic otherworldly adventures in my Deltar science fiction series still have not escaped me. I killed him off a couple of times, but he still manages to return.

Jackie Mesh and Charlie Nova - My short play "Jackie the Giant Killer" has been performed a few times, but I'm still rewriting the definitive version that I plan to produce one day as part of my Dream Fragments anthology. Jackie is a widow trying to find rest from a world still hounding the memory of her deceased rock-star husband, lead singer of the band Gilgamesh. Charlie is her husband's former manager and best friend. They continue to haunt me.

Luce and G - I've tinkered with them for a while, these two contemporary versions of the Devil and God. I keep changing their gender, and each new iteration opens up more interesting possibilities.  It's far from perfect, I know, but it's growing closer to where I want it to be.

Plenty more characters are dancing around my brain (it's a party in there), and I will eventually flesh them all out in prose or play form.  I'll follow up this post with others. If nothing else, it will push me to stop neglecting them.