Tech as Fashion

Technology is becoming fashionable. We're starting to wear our tech gadgets as chic accessories. I already wrote about Google Glass, now the next hot trend seems to be the smartwatch, with Samsung's Galaxy Gear generating most of the buzz.  Initial reports are that it still has a way to go before it fully catches on and all the kinks are worked out, but it seems to be a no brainer that mobile devices will be worn rather than just slipped into our pockets.

I was ready to write the death notice for the wrist watch, since so many people were abandoning them as time measuring tools when cellphones handily tell us the hour and minutes anytime we want. It survived as a fashion statement -- folks still wanted some bling on their wrists. Rolexes and other brands were still status symbols.

The next step in the evolution of the wrist watch is to make it "smart," delivering more than just the time.  It's a more practical way to carry an Internet-enabled device that allows you to send email and text messages, update your social network status, make phonecalls (and video calls), and use countless apps -- oh, and check your calendar, the weather, and the exact time as well.

Tech manufacturers had experimented in the past with attaching their devices to fashion -- pants, belts, shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, etc. -- but now we're starting to see some more practical ideas with eyeglasses and wrist watches leading the way. What else is in store for us?