TV Shows in Development

The new television season is barely underway, but already some shows have been canceled (such as the disappointing Ironside). It's time to take a look at a handful of other potential series that the broadcast networks are developing.

I've already mentioned that the CW is trying to launch a new version of the fastest superhero alive, The Flash, with a number of episodes in Arrow that will serve as a backdoor pilot. I also reported that FOX will bring us a Batman prequel titled Gotham, centering on the early career of Jim Gordon, who would eventually become the police commissioner of the crime-filled city.

FOX is also hoping that Hieroglyph will be a winner. Set during the ancient Egyptian empire, expect to see a lot of sex, violence, and intrigue. It won't just be an historical drama, though, as touches of fantasy will be part of the storyline as well.

After successfully bringing Stephen King's Under the Dome to the small screen, CBS is adapting another bestselling author's work -- Ann Rice's Angel Time, based on her series The Songs of the Seraphim, about heavenly angels on Earth.

ABC is developing an interesting project titled The Thirteen, a modern day alternate reality set in an America that lost the Revolutionary War. I'm always a sucker for "What If" stories.

Trying to build on its hit The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC is also rumored to be working on another spin-off series set in the Marvel universe, this one titled Agent Carter, following the adventures of Peggy Carter, who first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. Disney (which owns Marvel and ABC) already produced a one-shot short film, which will be attached to the Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu-ray, so a full TV series isn't that far-fetched.

Meanwhile, NBC has its collective network eyes on a televised remake of Constantine, based on the Vertigo comic Hellblazer. Some of you might recall that Keanu Reeves played the character in 2005, but some die-hard fans objected to his casting and the liberties the filmmakers took with the original source material.

It's important to stress that none of these shows is confirmed to go to full series (even thought the networks might have enough faith in them to skip the test pilot. We shall see if the fates are kind to them.