A Reboot of Tales from the Darkside

The CW is planning to relaunch the 1980s horror anthology Tales from the Darkside.  Some of you might remember it as a syndicated Twilight Zone wannabe.  It actually had some fun moments and lasted for three seasons.  It even spawned a feature film, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, which starred Deborah Harry, Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, and Robert Klein.

Aside from its excellent opening narration, which is still ingrained in my memory, it had some decent talent attached to it despite its extremely low budget and cheesy stories.  George A. Romero was a driving creative force, penning the pilot, "Trick or Treat," and a few other episodes as well -- "The Devil's Advocate," "The Circus," and "Baker's Dozen." Romero also co-wrote the screenplay for the movie, which was an anthology of three short stories (based on the pieces by Arthur Conan Doyle and Stephen King) with an interconnecting plotline.

Other episodes in the series were based on short stories by Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Robert Bloch, and Clive Barker, a good pedigree of writers. The show featured the acting talents of a bunch of familiar faces at the time -- Danny Aiello, Justine Bateman, Tippi Hedren, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Harry Anderson, Lisa Bonet, Jerry Stiller, Darren McGavin, Phyllis Diller, Seth Green, Lorna Luft, Bradley Whitford, Abe Vigoda, Marcia Cross, Connie Stevens, Mabel King, Robert Forster, Chad Allen, Jerry Orbach, and Divine.

My favorite episode was called "A Case of the Stubborns" and centered on a family trying to deal with a grandfather who refused to believe he was dead.  It starred Eddie Bracker, Brent Spiner, and a young Christian Slater.

The new reboot is being produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci who worked on the recent Star Trek films and the hit new series Sleepy Hollow.  The revamped Tales from the Darkside is being written by bestselling horror author Joe Hill.  My fingers are crossed!