Best Reader Comment for October 2013

My informal competition to select the best reader comment on my City of Kik blog each month continues to be a load of fun. This past month, it's no surprise that my post "The Great Banksy Debate: Artist, Vandal, or Publicity Whore?" generated the most conversation, with some ideas bounced around back and forth, befitting the controversial graffiti artist who visited New York and debuted a new street-piece every day. The reader who I thought posted the most interested feedback was Jan Sand.  He wrote:

"The artwork is skillful, incisive, clever, and pointed beautifully in the right direction. Any surface that contains it is a compliment to the city. I find it delightful that a clever artist has the determination to make a public statement that should be made.

I certainly would not claim that all artistic attempts are equal and mere scribbling of one's name or some sort of badly written pornography with the only point to insult probably is not acceptable, but art is strange stuff and when a men's urinal becomes world famous as a Dadaist example, judgment can be on shaky ground. To use human excrement and blood and vomit smeared on a wall to exclaim in frenzy over the inhuman brutality of governmental behavior can indeed be art. But anytime a talented artist wants to filthy up my wall I would only applaud."
Let the debate continue!
Thank you to everyone else who took the time to comment on any of my blog posts this month:
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