Book Recommendation: Super Graphic

I've been enjoying reading Tim Leong's Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe.  It's the type of book you can peruse in easy-to-digest bits and pieces whenever you find some elusive free time. Using a colorful, highly imaginative collection of info-graphics, Leong examines various superhero comic topics via Venn diagrams, pie charts, bar graphs, timelines, etc. 

Find out what's in Batman's utility belt in 1952 then in 1968, as well as the Joker's own utility belt in 1952 and Robin's utility belt in 1994. Discover the differences between Superman's fictional Metropolis and the real Metropolis in Illinois. There's also a terrific fold-out chart that shows the "History of Comic Book Movies."

Some of the graphs are incredibly complex, like the one showing "The Many Affiliations of the Marvel Universe." Others are delightfully simple and effective, such as "Why Guys Like Invisible Woman."

My daughter enjoyed the cover, which had two punched-out eye sockets, so it could be used as a mask.

Pick it up for yourself or the comic book geek in your life.