Entertainers Who Served

On Veterans Day, we remember and honor all those men and women who sacrificed to serve in the military. Tom Cruise received heated criticism for allegedly implying that acting was just as hard as combat in Afghanistan, a quote he vehemently denies saying. While entertainment (movies, theater, television, music, sports, etc.) is in no way comparable to many professions in which people put their lives on the line, I thought it would be interesting to applaud some celebrities who served their country. Even though some of them did not see combat, they still fulfilled their duty and many of them did indeed risk their lives.

Here's only a partial list:

Don Adams - Marines
Danny Aiello - Army
Alan Alda - Army Reserve
John Amos - Army National Guard
Bea Arthur - Marines
Ed Asner - Army
Harry Belafonte - Navy
Tony Bennett - Army
Bill Bixby - Marines
Humphrey Bogart - Navy
Ernest Borgnine - Navy
Peter Boyle - Navy
Wilford Brimley - Marines
Charles Bronson - Army Air Corps
Mel Brooks - Army
Drew Carey - Marines
Art Carney - Army
Johnny Carson - Navy
Chuck Connors - Army
Tim Conway - Army
Bill Cosby - Navy
Tony Curtis - Navy
Brian Dennehy - Marines
Joe DiMaggio - Special Services
James Doohan - Canadian Army
Kirk Douglas - Navy
Charles Durning - Army
Robert Duvall - Army
Clint Eastwood - Army Special Services
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - Navy
Jamie Farr - Army
Henry Fonda - Navy
Glenn Ford - Navy and Marines
Dennis Franz - Army
Morgan Freeman - Air Force
Clark Gable - Air Force
James Garner - Army
Marvin Gaye - Air Force
Peter Graves - Army Air Corps
Fred Gwynne - Navy
Buddy Hackett - Army
Gene Hackman - Marines
Sherman Hemsley - Air Force
Jimi Hendrix - Army
Charlton Heston - Army Air Corps
Ernie Hudson - Marines
Rock Hudson - Navy
Ice-T - Army
James Earl Jones - Army
Buster Keaton - Army
Harvey Keitel - Marines
Jack Klugman - Army
Ted Knight - Army
Don Knotts - Army
Harvey Korman - Navy
Kris Kristofferson - Army
Jack Lemmon - Navy
Hal Linden - Army
Robert Loggia - Army
Gavin MacLeod - Air Force
Lee Marvin - Marines
MC Hammer - Navy
Hugh Hefner - Army
Steve McQueen - Marines
Mr. T - Army
Bob Newhart - Army
Paul Newman - Navy
Leonard Nimoy - Army
Chuck Norris - Air Force
Jack Palance - Army Air Corps
Vincent Pastore - Navy
George Peppard - Marines
Sidney Poitier - Army
Elvis Presley - Army
Richard Pryor - Army
Ronald Reagan - U.S. Calvary Reserve and Army
Carl Reiner - Army
Don Rickles - Navy
Jason Robards - Navy
Cesar Romero - Coast Guard
Mickey Rooney - Army
Pat Sajak - Armed Forces Radio
Soupy Sales - Navy
Telly Savalas - Army
Roy Scheider - Air Force
George C. Scott - Marines
Tom Selleck - California Army National Guard
Sinbad - Air Force
Rod Steiger - Navy
Jimmy Stewart - Army
Spencer Tracy - Navy
Jesse Ventura - Navy
Gene Wilder - Army
Fred Willard - Army
Montel Williams - Navy
Ted Williams - Navy and Marines
Jonathan Winters - Marines
Burt Young - Marines

Apologies for the many I left out.  Let me know if there is anyone specific you wish I'd included.