My Favorite Podcasts

Tired of reading?  Close your eyes, sit back, and just listen.  Here are some of the best podcasts out there, and you'll notice a trend -- it's all in keeping with the rise of geek culture.

The Geekbox -- Ryan Scott and crew sound off on video games, film, television, and comics with a  new show every Wednesday. They accept PayPal donations.

The Geek Exchange -- Geek Magazine's Web site occasionally has some excellent podcasts (for example, during the San Diego Comic Con).

Geek Nation -- The site features a number of Webisodes, articles, and podcasts. -- Through iTunes or RSS feed, get your weekly dose of science, entertainment, and geek culture.

Geek Shall Inherit -- Jason Lenzi, CEO of toy company BifBangPow! ( and Daniel Pickett of have joined forces to create a one of a kind podcast that spans the breadth of pop culture. This unique podcast gives fans insight into the how and why of the action figure world as well as catches them up with many other aspects of the pop culture universe in regular doses. -- A band of geeks covers everything fun -- games, movies, technology, comics, toys, and more.

Geek Therapy -- It describes itself as a podcast that "features interviews with professionals using Geeky things to improve lives or guests who have been helped by geeky interventions."
Geek-Whisperers -- Some good stuff about social media here.

Geekwire -- This ispart of an independent technology news site and online community based in Seattle, Washington.

iFanboy -- Here's one of the best comic book podcasts out there.

Nerdist -- Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira chat about all the great content and geeky news we all enjoy.

NSFW -- Magician and scam artist Brian Brushwood teams with Justin Robert Young for a weekly irreverent fun fest featuring unusual guests, bizarre games, and more.

SModcast -- Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are the hosts. Need I say more?

This American Life -- This might seem out of place in a sea of geeky podcasts, but I met host Ira Glass when he was researching an episode about the rumored ingredients in a secret Coca-Cola recipe that they managed to obtain. It's the most popular podcast in the country, with around one million people downloading each episode. Episodes are available for exactly one week, beginning the Monday after broadcast. Podcast content is the same as the radio broadcast, except on occasion when they include extra material

Universal-Geek -- According to their "About" section, here is just a sample of the topics they cover: "games, art, food, culture, technology, movies, tv, zombies, aliens, robots, various apocalyptic scenarios, bacon, pudding, bacon pudding, rainbows of the double variety, kittens, zombie kittens, computers, hacking, kitten hackers, pirates, ninjas, and the Whedonverse."

Vitamin Geek -- Favorite toys, scariest movie monsters, and favorite holiday films are just some of the topics discussed.

You've Got Geek -- Some recent episodes featured reviews of Thor, Ender's Game, Dracula, and Carrie. 

Those are my geeky faves.  I'll write about podcasts that focus on movies, TV, and other forms of pop culture in a future post.