When Albums Become Musicals

The news that Alanis Morissette is adapting her hit album "Jagged Little Pill" into a staged musical is not especially groundbreaking, but interesting nonetheless.  There have been other concept albums that have been brought to theatrical life -- Jesus Christ Superstar, The Who's Tommy, and most recently Green Day's American Idiot. Unlike the idea of the "jukebox" musical, in which a recording artist's entire discography of songs is stuck into a patchwork plot, some albums already have built-in connections and a semblance of a storyline, making them ideal fodder for a live-action stage adaptation. 

While Mamma Mia! combined various songs from Abba!'s history and Movin' Out did the same for Billy Joel's hits, neither of those were based on a specific album.  What other existing albums might fit the mold to be turned into a full-fledged musical?

Two immediately come to mind -- Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and the double-album "User Illusion" by Guns n' Roses. Each has the potential to inspire a connecting storyline, each has plenty of songs that could come from interesting characters.  

What other albums do you think might make a logical transition to Broadway?