Favorite Gilligan's Island Episodes

Warner Bros. is proceeding with its movie adaptation of Gilligan's Island and, according to Deadline.com, the cast will include stage, TV, and film actor Josh Gad. The comedy was a guilty pleasure for many, and equality criticized by many as an example of the vapidity of the television medium. Hopefully, the movie version will capture the fun slapstick and outrageous antics of the original. Here are some of my favorite episodes:

"Voodoo Something to Me" -- Long before Lost, this show centered on castaways stranded on an island where supernatural shenanigans seemed to be a common occurance. In this episode, voodoo dolls have comic repurcussions.

"The Sound of Quacking" -- How can you go wrong when you have an episode that includes a duck and Western dream sequence.

"Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy" -- A young Kurt Russell guest stars as a mini-Tarzan wannabe.

"The Little Dictator" -- For all its silliness, the series tried some parodies that attempted to poke fun at bigger issues, such as in this case Latin American dictatorships, when El Presidente Pancho Hernando Gonzales Enrico Rodriguez of Ecuarico lands on the island.

"Don't Bug the Mosquitoes" -- Here's a spoof of the Beatles, when the most popular rock band in the world crashes on the island.

"The Friendly Physician" -- This is one of the most ridiculous stories, but one of my favorites. A mad scientist tricks the castaways, letting them believe he's rescuing them when in fact he wants to use them for mind transfer experiments.

"V for Vitamins" -- A citrus deficiency leads Gilligan to guard what seems to be the last orange on the island. The best part is a "Jack and the Beanstalk" dream sequence.

"Meet the Meteor" -- A rock from space crashes on the island, cause the castaways to age rapidly.

"Pass the Vegetables, Please" -- When a crate of seeds crashes on the island, the vegetables that grow from them give the castaways incredible powers when they eat them.

"The Producer" -- This is one of my favorite episodes. A Broadway producer lands on the island and the castaways mount a musical version of Hamlet to convince him to take them with him back to civilization.

"The Hunter" -- A spoof of the 1932 film The Most Dangerous Game, a big game hunter starts hunting down Gilligan for sport.

I'm not sure what to expect from the new flick. How bad could it be? (Shiver.)