More Adaptations Coming to Television

With the success of Stephen King's Under the Dome and the adaptations of Hannibal and Bates Motel, just to name a few, a number of other pre-existing properties are being developed into television series.

Coinciding with the rebooting of the Arnold Schwarzenegger time-traveling killer robot franchise on the big screen, a TV series is in the works for Terminator. Fans of the spin-off show The Sarah Connor Chronicles might be disappointed to learn that this won't be a continuation of that action-packed drama that ended all too quickly. Paramount is distributing the film, but no network has yet been confirmed for the television show.

The Syfy network continues to invest in original programming, with a series adaption of the movie Legion, which will be called Dominion. The film, which starred Paul Bettany, told the tale of the Archangel Michael siding with humans in a war against warring angels. Such a scenario has been successfully explored in the series Supernatural, but this new program, which will star Christopher Egan, still has potential.

The most exciting news for fantasy fans is that MTV is bringing the Shannara books, written by Terry Brooks, to life, and the pilot is being directed by none other than Jon Favreau. Capitalizing on the continuing popularity of Lord of the Rings and blockbuster shows like Game of Thrones, now seems the perfect time to adapt the sword and sorcery epic for television audiences.

The history of television is sprinkled with long-running shows that were inspired by other movies (M*A*S*H), plays and movies (The Odd Couple), and books (Little House on the Prairie). Will these new adaptations find similar success?