Which Mobile App Games Do You Play?

As the console wars heat up between Microsoft Xbox One and PlayStation4, millions of gamers are downloading playable applications right to their mobile devices.  Those fun apps are often free and offer hours of addictive entertainment that you can carry with you anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.  I've mentioned some of the popular ones before -- Angry Birds, Dragon FlyJewels, Bowling, etc., and many have reached mainstream popularity, such as Paper Toss, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, and so on.  Here are some that I'm playing now:

4 Pics 1 Movie - A spin-off of 4 Pics 1 Word, if you're a movie buff, this is right up your alley. Guess the movie title based on four images.

Bad Piggies - There are a lot of games in the Angry Birds franchise, here's one that is quite clever, tapping into the player's puzzle skills. My four-year-old daughter is surprisingly good at it!

Draw Something - Think of Charades and Pictionary on a touchscreen mobile device connected to players around the world. (It's easier with a stylus and a big screen.)

Juice Cubes - Another game that will have you hooked as you connected matching fruit in various formations, trying to clear sand or cause buckets to fall.

Movie Pop - Here's another fun timewaster to play with friends or strangers -- clips of movies are shown and you have to guess which one it is out of the multiple-choice options faster than your opponent.

Which app games are you playing?


Anonymous said…
Clumsy Ninja rules!