Guest Post: Ballet

My friend Trish posted this brief review on Facebook and it made my heart smile.

"My Review of the Ballet I Just Saw: Overall, very enjoyable. At first, I was focused on their feet and how bloody and mangled they probably are. Then, I got over it. The fast routines were my favorite. They were full of pep and were quite delightful. I smiled throughout. The slow dances, however, were kinda boring. Amazing, of course, but a bit too slow for me. I wanted them to pull a Silver Linings Playbook and break out into a fast, manic, crazy dance. My most frequent thoughts were: That's Not Human. ... I Didn't Know We Had Muscles There. Huh. ... Oh Wow They Remind Me Of The Pretzels I Ate Earlier. In conclusion, dancers are The Best. The End."

I encourage all of you to go see some ballet, maybe some opera, or some singers at Carnegie Hall, or any live performances for that matter. You're welcome.