New TV Shows and Episodes Are Finally Here

The only bad thing about the holiday season for fans of television entertainment is the lack of original content. It's a good time for catching up on old shows or rewatching some classics, because almost nothing new is on during that stretch from Thanksgiving until New Year's. Marathons of The Twilight Zone and The Honeymooners are the highlights.  Now, we resume our normal TV lineup.  People are excited that Downton Abbey is back. We have brand new episodes of Modern Family airing soon.  Best of all, we have all new series on the horizon -- Intelligence starring Josh Holloway and the new Syfy thriller Helix

Don't get me wrong, having time to do some binge watching is perfectly fine.  My wife fell in love with the cheesy Witches of East End and we both quickly became addicted to The Returned. (Full reviews pending.) 

I'm looking forward to feven more fresh new content, like the show True Detective or new episodes of NOVA.

Pass me the remote control!