Remembering the Beatles

It was nice seeing Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on stage together playing music at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Although it could never be called a Beatles reunion without John Lennon and George Harrison (may they both rest in peace), it still was a wonderful moment for those of us who admire the legacy of that Liverpool quartet that took the world by storm. Half a century has passed since the band's appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, a moment that marked the so-called "British Invasion."

By the time I was born, the Beatles were broken up and any dreams of them officially reuniting ended on that tragic day in 1980 when a mad young man murdered John in the lobby of the Dakota in New York City. People continue to discover their music all these decades later. I recall going through my "Beatles phase," equally enjoying their catchy early hits and their more mature later recordings. All these years later, the songs they've created endure and inspire.

Backlash is inevitable, so some haters insist on downplaying their impact and artistry. Other artists may have been better to some degree, but the Beatles still hold a special place in my heart for some of the greatest songs ever written, songs that still hold up today.

Tune in to CBS on February 9 to see The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles.