Speeches at the Golden Globe Awards

The worst part of any awards ceremony is the speeches, although a great speech can be an unforgettable moment that makes it all worth watching.  The Golden Globe Awards are more quirky and unpredictable than others, likely because the celebrities are drinking alcohol with their meal.  How else to explain some of the more bizarre acceptance speeches of the night.

Jacqueline Bisset, who was long overdue for a trophy, was the most awkward of the night. She blamed it on hunger, but it just seemed as if she was entirely unprepared, and maybe a bit intoxicated.

Diane Keaton's presentation while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Woody Allen was a bit too long.  The best speeches are short and sweet, and most of all not stumbling or incoherent.

I was surprised to see so many winners shaking and nervous, stammering and speechless.  They're all professionals, so I would assume they would view their odds of winning as pretty good (one out of five), even if they were the underdog, and thus have a speech prepared just in case.

Two of the best speeches of the night came across as very heartfelt and profound -- one by musician Alex Ebert who first seemed like a wildcard when he was chatting it up with P. Diddy, but then gave a surprisingly terrific statement, and the other was by Leonardo DiCaprio who proved why he's such a classy pro.

No matter how bad the speeches are, I keep watching the awards ceremonies because I love those moments of surprise that we'll end up talking about for years to come.