Star Wars Comics

Now that Disney owns Star Wars, it's no surprise that the property is moving back to Marvel Comics, which is also owned by the House That Mickey Mouse Built. Marvel published Star Wars storylines from 1977 through 1986. Even though it included some direct adaptations of the movies, for the most part the stories were original, providing fans with brand new adventures with the characters they loved.

Dark Horse Comics picked up the lightsaber baton starting in 1991 and kept the spirit of the franchise alive with some excellent plots and artwork.  The "Dark Empire" saga was better than some of the extended universe novels. The "Knights of the Old Republic" series was arguably superior to the Prequel Trilogy.

Starting in 2015, Marvel will hold the reins again of Star Wars in comicbook form. Hopefully, it will not disappoint and continue telling exciting tales from that galaxy long ago and far, far away.