Student Blogs - Spring 2014

It's time once again to introduce the new crop of online journals created by my students.

Commencement Exercises
Advice and resources to help college seniors make the most of their final year of college and start a promising post-grad life.

Psyching Yourself Out
Why we do what we do

The Gold Deposit
Events of the collegiate lifestyle including health, food and beauty.

urban[e] lifestyle with a punch

Figuring It Out
Life is funny. These are reflections on the music, people, places, media, adventures and other things that help me make sense of it.

Around the World Cup With 32 Teams
A run down and ranking of each of the 32 teams in this year's World Cup.

Loans and Louboutins
Full-time student, part-time waitress trying to help you stay fashionable without going bankrupt.

Feasts and Flicks
More than the typical dinner and a movie, Feasts and Flicks combines film reviews and recipe ideas to inspire the perfect movie night.

Popular Culture; Unpopular Opinions
An unconventional perspective to pop culture.

Fridays at Fordham
Fridays at Fordham is a compilation of the true stories of the trouble and situations students get into during their college years.

'Till The Bell Lap
Till the Bell Lap is a blog that invites you to take a glimpse into the mindset of the struggles and triumphs of a Division I runner, as I return from a devastating injury to compete in my final collegiate year of Track.

Hit the Road With FUSB
Take an inside look into the life of a Division I student-athlete. Specifically, the Fordham University Softball team during our 50+ game season as we look to defend our A-10 Championship Title, and go further into the NCAA tournament than ever before.

Senior Citizens
Here's to the years we won't remember and the people we won't forget- My Senior Year Memories

3 Floors 10 Doors
The pointless arguments and immature shenanigans of ten roommates with way too much time on their hands.

The Daley Dose
A Daley Dose of Daley's news!

New Year, Old Ideas
With the beginning of an exciting new year, this is an account of my life as I try to adhere to my pretty random New Year's Resolutions.

College Lemonade
Let these hilariously true (sometimes slightly exaggerated) stories of college students help you survive your college days and maybe even make them the best years of your life.

News Nonsense
Jokes on topical news.

Check them out, leave some comments, and enjoy!