The Anthology Mini-Series Trend

HBO's new series True Detective looks interesting (review pending), and what's more intriguing is the news that this will be an anthology series.  Unlike anthologies of the past, like The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents that had standalone stories each episode, this new trend is to have one storyline per season.  So this first plot deals with the characters played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson investigating a gruesome murder, and apparently next season will feature an entire new cast and story.

American Horror Story has managed to pull this off, telling a haunted house story the first season, then jumping into a crazy asylum story for season two, and now in the middle of a wacky witches adventure for season three.  The horror series brings back a repertoire of great actors in brand new roles.

I remember the show Murder One had wanted to attempt a similar anthology structure, exploring a different season long homicide each year, but it never went past its first set of episodes.  It would have been fun to see what else the writers had up their sleeves.

Let's see if other anthology miniseries come down the pike and if they manage to keep audiences attention.